Can You Freeze Jello Shots? 4 Facts You Need To Know

Jello shots are on the menu for the party I’m having at my house. I might make them ahead of time so I don’t have to worry about them on the day of the party. So, I was wondering if I could make these ahead of time and put them in the freezer.

Making Jello shots ahead of time makes sense. They need a lot of time to set, so if you can do that first, you’ll have more time to plan the rest of your party.

It’s not a good idea to put Jello shots in the freezer. For example, these drinks won’t freeze solid like regular ice cubes, which is probably a good thing. You don’t need to freeze them to keep them because they keep well in the fridge.

Can You Freeze Jello Shots?

Alcoholic drinks have a lower freezing point than water, which is about -143.7°F (or -97.6°C). Most home freezers can only get down to about -20 degrees Celsius, which is too warm.

Even Jello shots won’t fully freeze in the freezer because they have alcohol in them.

Even if you can freeze Jello shots, you and your guests probably won’t like the taste or texture of the gelatin once it thaws.

Can You Freeze Jello Shots

When gelatin is exposed to cold, its chemical structure is changed. When the food thaws, the gelatin crystallizes and grows. As a result, your guests won’t like it as much or find it as appealing as they did before.

Instead of putting them in the freezer, put them in the fridge. As long as they are sealed, they will last for three to four days.

If you need the shots to set quickly, don’t put them in the freezer. Instead, you should put the shots in smaller containers and chill them in the fridge on the coldest setting.

How to Preserve Jello Shots?

So, putting jello shots in the freezer won’t speed up the time it takes for them to set or make them last longer. So, how can you protect them? I guess you could give what I say below a try.

  • Use your favorite recipe to make Jello shots. Before it is added to a mix, alcohol should be well chilled.
  • If you want to give each person their own Jello shot, divide the mixture among several containers. Make sure each container has a lid that stays on. If you want to cut it into slices before serving, put the whole thing in a big, flat bowl with a lid.
  • Put the mixture in the fridge after it has cooled. Make sure the container(s) are well covered for the sake of the Jello’s taste, texture, and color.
  • By raising the temperature of the fridge, you can speed up the time it takes for your photos to set.
  • After getting the injections, you should use them within three to four days.

How To Use Up Extra/Leftover Jello Shots?

Making jello shots with your favorite alcoholic drink is one of the best ways to celebrate. But then you have to figure out what to do with any jello shots that are left over. Here are five tasty ways to use extra jello shots:

Try one of these cool and refreshing things to beat the heat: 1. Make popsicles. Jello shot popsicles are a great way to enjoy your favorite drinks. Pour the jello shot mixture into popsicle molds and put them in the freezer.

Then, to add a fun and tasty twist, drop them into your champagne glass. All you need are a couple of jello shots and a glass of champagne.

Use them to make ice cubes (Jello shot) Ice cubes can be used to keep drinks cold without watering them down. Just put the jello shots in an ice cube tray and freeze until firm.

A shot of gelatin, of course! Jell-O: This is a great way to use up any extra jello shots you have. To make a quick and easy holiday dessert, mix them into a batch of Jell-O.

You can also decorate other sweets, like cakes and cupcakes, with Jello shots. Just pipe them on top of your favorite desserts, and you’ll have a beautiful and delicious holiday treat in no time.

Now you know five tasty ways to use the jello shots you have left over. If you have a lot of jello shots on hand, try one of these tasty combinations.

Jello Shot Recipes

Vodka Jello Shots

Using this recipe, you can make traditional Jello shots with vodka to impress your friends and be the life of the party.

Watermelon Jello Shot Slices

You don’t have to put Jello shots in a container, but who’s to say? With this easy recipe, you can put cool Jello shots on watermelon rinds.

Can You Freeze Jello Shots

Orange Wedge Jello Shots

Have fun fooling your guests with vodka Jello shots that taste like orange wedges. Then, if you want to make your own, you can just follow this recipe.

Wrap Up

To answer your question, yes, you can freeze jello shots. Before you eat jello shots, it’s best to keep them frozen for at least two months. Either a freezer bag or a container that doesn’t let air in will work.

We don’t want our jello shots to freeze solid, so the method and materials used will depend on the type of shot jelly you made and whether or not your recipe called for alcohol.

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